Stylish cloth bag instead of plastic bag for the 25th edition!
June 28, 2019
25th edition of the Rallye Breslau Poland
June 28, 2019

What you can expect

A short preview what you can expect in the 25th edition of the Rallye Breslau Poland:
Up to 1,369 kilometers, 913 of them timed speed sections, packed in 5 days with 9 special stages including 1 night-stage in 2 camps. Everything in the north of Poland, everything inside
northern Europe!

We tried to press all the experience of 25 years Breslau Rally in a compact and interesting, exciting and sophisticated form: It will be fast, slow, easy, difficult, straight, tricky, dark, lighten, dusty, windy, wet, dry, dirty, clean… all within 5 days!