No time lost on the first stage
July 1, 2019
Faster than ever before!
July 3, 2019

Exciting navigation and high speed

“We went all-out today,” says Henri Verhoeven with a smile at the finish of todays’ stage. Flying with his GINAF 4×4 truck he is enjoying the fruit of hard work at home and on the racetrack, battling with Benjamin Kittler for each second on the stage today. With two fast stages today the competitors in the Rallye Breslau Poland crossed 175 km on roadbook, through the forests of Charnobor and on the Polygon of Czarne.

Arriving within minutes of each other after 175km of racing, the competition is fierce in the Truck Extreme class of the Rallye Breslau Poland. Finishing within seconds and minutes of each other, the front runners Henri Verhoeven, Benjamin Kittler, Alexander Paas and Ralf Britz do not lift the throttle. “It was magic today, Czarne was so fast! Our MAN KAT is a good truck, but we had a hard time keeping the competition behind us,” says Benjamin Kittler.

Winching up from a deep valley, Daniel Guenther shows how you race a Unimog. Fast and efficient they take the lead in the stage today. After last years’ race the Unimog teams sat down together and decided to enter as a group, breathing new live into a truck class that has been at home in the Breslau since the very beginning. “We love these trucks and it is fantastic to be able to race them here!” says Christian Koepke, co driver of Steffen Braun.

The young Tom Heuer has made a name for himself in the truck scene, racing his fast Tatra 815 in the Breslau ‘Cross Country’ . After two days he has almost 14 minutes lead over Baja Deutschland winner Robert Striebe, who is behind the wheel of a ‘Behringer’-MAN rally truck. Even though Robert is pushing and wins todays stage Tom stays calm. “It is only day two, anything can happen!” he says.

“Our car is made for this!” says Herman Jasper with a smile, reaching the finish as first vehicle today. “The stage was so fast and exciting, fantastic!” In the preliminary ranking only Ton Stoker is faster, the fox in his Desert Warrior who knows every corner in Poland after racing and winning the Breslau. In the Car Cross Country ranking everyone can compete, from the fastest cars who compete in the big desert races to a little Suzuki Jimny.

“Maybe this race compares best to an enduro with a roadbook,” says Mirjam Pol from the Netherlands. After many Dakars she has finally discovered the Rallye Breslau Poland, and is racing her full blown rally bike on the sandy Polish tracks. “The navigation and the sand are a perfect training ground for me, even though my bike is way too heavy for this terrain.”

“It was hard navigation!” says Zornitsa Todorova, who is navigating the legendary Tsanko Tsankov in the Tremol team of Bulgaria. They are well known for their high speed, and if the car does not break their habit is to win. Not everyone agrees the navigation is hard: “It is exciting and challenging,” says Mark Salomons, navigator of Wilbert Poel in the South Racing T3 Can Am. “I write the roadbook for a race in the Netherlands and this one is really inspiring!”

Tomorrow is the hird stage and the last day at the lake in Gwda Wielka, as on thursday morning the Rallye Breslau Poland moves to Drawsko Pomorski. But first the competitors race 186 km on two stages, near Dretyn and Bobolice.