25th Rallye Breslau Poland: 189 competitors, five days of racing
June 30, 2019
LEG 4 – 04.07.2019 – start 15:00h / nightstage 23:00h
July 4, 2019

LEG 3 – 03.07.2019 – start 09:00h

Dretyn and Bobolice are the two stages for the third day of the Rallye Breslau Poland, both north of the bivouac in Gwda Wielka and a change of scenery for the competitors. Going from the military areas to a region with dense forests and agriculture requires a different mindset from the teams as the landscape offers new challenges: a new day and a new chance to move up in the ranking!

SS4 Dretyn

After last years’ succes the road book team has written a new road book for this magical area, with its fast and curvy tracks running in a big loop around Dretyn. Racing these old routes proved a huge success and for this year the road book promises even more pleasure. The navigator will have to be on the lookout, to make sure the dream of Dretyn does not turn into a nightmare for the ranking…

SS5 Bobolice

A taste of the North – with a mixture of old and new routes, small villages and forest activity. After the start the navigation has to be sharp. Passing Przydargiń-Kolonia the route changes from wild and old to new and fast – with modern sandy tracks allowing for high speeds. Heading east the rally arrives in a wet area with beautiful lakes, dark soil and different vegetation, crossing one or two rivers and the Górawino Lake before a fast section towards the finish at Ubiedrze.

Extreme Class

Besides the normal road book with water, river crossings and mud the most difficult challenge for the Extreme Class will be a tough winch wall that has to be climbed, for all classes!