LEG 3 – 03.07.2019 – start 09:00h
July 3, 2019

LEG 4 – 04.07.2019 – start 15:00h / nightstage 23:00h

EG 4 – 04.07.2019 – start 15:00h / nightstage 23:00h

The tension rises as the Rallye Breslau Poland moves from Gwda Wielka to Drawsko Pomorski. Two final days with three long stages will decide the fate of the competitors in one long ‘grand finale’. The Drawsko polygon is and has been the breeding ground for generations of off-road racers, offering a challenge to competitors at every level. Today two stages will be run, one in the afternoon and the Breslau special: a tough and long night stage…

SS6 – Drawsko

In a 103 km long blast across the Drawsko Poligon the competitors see it all: fast tracks, deep sand, beautiful forests and the wide views over the moorland and the shooting ranges of the military bases near this vast training ground. Enduro + ATV run a separate course from the SSVs, Cars and Trucks, with a special stage tailored for their size and manoeuvrability. An alternation of moorland and forest shows the area in its full beauty. Deep sand, cut up tracks and fast sections alternate and offer a typical enduro style special stage. If the competitors are lucky, the might even see the wildlife present at the polygon, such as the impressive Wisent herds.

SSV, Cars and Trucks run a completely different route on the outside of the Polygon, passing through areas less used by the military and through the smaller settlements around the Polygon. Long straights on the tanktracks, on the sand and across the largest shooting range will offer the maximum racing pleasure to the competitors, before the roadbook takes them back into the lush forests and requires maximum concentration from the navigator.

SS7 Night stage Drawsko

Last year the night stage was too easy for the competitors, so the road book team decided to make it just a little bit more difficult. The Bikes and ATVs run their own stage, a magical loop on the banks of the Zły Łęg river. Going south on the West bank there will be clear navigation and easy tracks compared to the day stage, but after crossing the bridge in the south the road book will require more attention. Just before hitting Konotop the track turns in the western direction for the finish, and a well deserved rest after a long day!

In the night the rally is different, the forest turns into a tunnel of light in which you can go as fast as your headlights shine. Starting in western direction towards Studnica a fast and beautiful forest track loops down to Glebokie in the South. Staying in the forest they hit the largest shooting range of Drawsko Pomorski, which will be alight from all the LED bars of competitors on their way to the finish.

Extreme Class

Arriving in Drawsko is a pleasure for the Extreme Class, as the area offers more than the competitors can handle. Not only places like ‘Ladoga’, the ‘Swan Swamp’ and the famous ‘Waterhole in the middle’, but also new challenges will keep them busy and they will have to work to be on time for the night stage. Here, the preparation of the vehicles and crews will show, and they will need all their brain and equipment to arrive at the end.