Coming home to Drawsko!
July 4, 2019
Rallye Breslau Poland 2019 : the decisionmaker!
July 5, 2019

‘The night is for us!’

In 25 years one thing has not changed: racing in the night. The Rallye Breslau Poland has seen generations of competitors and organisers, but to keep going when you could sleep, to face the darkness and arrive at the end is part of the challenge of the Rallye Breslau Poland.

In the past the marathonstage, the classic ‘Hannibal’ made life difficult for the competitors. In the current circumstances there are other ways to achieve a similar effect, and to put two stages on one day is a fine one.

“The night is for us!” says Mark Salomons with a smile. He is the navigator of Wilbert Poel in the South Racing Can AM, a beautiful machine made for fast stages. Pierre van Lauwe is also enjoying it, this year for the first time together with his wife. “She is learning with the navigation, especially in the night it is tricky. But it is fantastic to share the sport!”

“Tonight the organisers have hidden cookies in the field, and we were roaming the area like hungry dogs,” says Dalius Olechnavicius who is racing his quad on the Breslau. “The night makes everything different and more difficult, the orientation is shit and you have to be so careful not to loose the roadbook!”

Romualdas Karuzis loves it when it gets tough, like on the nightstage. “My Yamaha is too slow for the fast sections, but I am able to follow the roadbook so I win time when the tracks are difficult and the other competitors slow down or loose time. I bought my quad just 6 months ago and really started training for the Breslau just a few months ago. It sounds strange, and I never expected to make results like I am doing right now!”

The nightstage takes the competitors all across the polygon, and we expect it to be light before the last ones are finally back in the bivoauc…