July 19, 2018


July 10, 2018

Rally Replay is ON !

Welcome to our Rally Replay With this highly interactive tool, we provide for you a simple way, to review the rally again and again. It’s equipped with many functions, which support your demands for professional after-race-analyzation or just for entertainment purpose. For example: Ghoststart virtually sets all starttimes to the same value and therefore simulates a mass-start, show how participants would have been compared on the track head-on-head. Even if they started in reality minutes or hours apart from each other. Use the “Show Trails” option to visualize the driven track of each vehicle. Perfect to show navigation failures or […]
July 7, 2018

Breslau Poland 2018 – DAY8: the Endgame!

Today is the last day of the Rallye Breslau Poland, with the teams finishing after 8 days of racing. After a fantastic stage today Marcin Talaga is the first quadrider to arrive at the finish, followed by Aidas Bubinas on his KTM motorbike and Aleksander Piorczynski on quad, riding in his ‘backyard’. There is a big celebration at the finishline, ahead of the pricegiving ceremony tonight! Jaroslaw Andrzejewski has a lot of fun racing his Toyota, but today he has mixed feelings. ‘We lost time early in the race and we are catching up, day by day. If we make […]
July 7, 2018

Provisional Classification is Published

After 8 days of pure adventure rally, the Provisional classification has been publish. It was a fearce fight between the teams to show the best what they got and see where and how they could manage with everything that the “Breslau Team” has prepared for them. We have seen so many action scenes, so much emotion, fair play and moments where the complete rally days for some has become the hell. BUT no one is left behind and everyone is back in the camp, getting ready for the final party…
July 7, 2018

Breslau Poland – DAY8: The Endgame is on!

The last day, the last chance to gain some places in the ranking or to defend a possible title. The Breslau has always been decided, lost or won on the last stage and we expect fireworks this year with a magnificent route around the Miastko forestry. No loops or circles but 145 km of pure rally-raid through the unique landscape of Pomerania in Northern Poland. Small tracks, fire roads, logging tracks, forests, fields and villages are the backdrop of today’s stage, a fantastic chase across the Polish countryside and a true ‘finale’ of the Rallye Breslau Poland 2018! After the […]
July 6, 2018

Breslau Poland – DAY 7: The best stage of the week

The day before the last day.. there is a special tension in the bivouac as the mechanics prepares the vehicles for the last time, the drivers and co-drivers recover from the day and weigh their chances for the stage tomorrow.. Today was the seventh stage of the Rallye Breslau Poland, an almost perfect day in the forest north of Miastko, with a fast and exciting roadbook and two seperate stages, around Dretyn and Bobolice. ‘Today was the best stage ever this week, wow!’ says Jim Marsden. ‘It made me think of the nicest races I’ve done in my life, with […]
July 6, 2018

Breslau Poland – DAY 7: Closing in..

Can we make one more place or defend our position? On the day before the final stage of the Rallye Breslau the teams take their chances and the competition for the podium is fierce. And even if you have no chance for the podium, the spirit of the rallye bites you and the speed goes up, the navigators get anxious and the drivers.. do what they do best! The first Cross Country cars have finished the second of two stages today, the bikes and trucks are still on the track. Tomasz Wojtyra cuts with his Can AM through the stage […]
July 6, 2018

Breslau Poland – DAY 7: Back in the north!

Back in the north, the competitors drive two stages around the villages of Dretyn and Bobolice. The bikes and ATVs start with a 120km special, alone from the Side by Sides, Cars and Trucks. Heading north they go deep into the forests, on old and sinuous tracks that offer a fantastic riding experience before reaching modern wood production areas with their remarkable logging tracks.
July 5, 2018

Breslau Poland – DAY 6: Racing towards the sunset

Leaving Drawsko Pomorski the teams say goodbye to this fantastic region. The Rallye Breslau Poland moves to the north-west, to the second stage of today and the last bivouac in Gwda Wielka. Starting in the afternoon in Drawsko, it took until 17:30 before the first competitor started in the superfast and sandy second stage on the Czarne polygon. Here the evening light created a magic feeling for the competitors, as they were racing towards the sunset.. Remy Kusy opened the track today, chasing the fastest overall time set by Nikke Harkjaer. In the Cross Country ranking the quads take the […]
July 5, 2018

Breslau Poland – DAY6: Last round on Drawsko

Racing on a fast stage across the Polygon, the teams say goodbye to this fantastic region as the Rallye Breslau Poland moves to the north-west, to the last bivouac in Gwda Wielka. Remy Kusy opens the stage today, chasing the excellent overall time set by Nikke Harkjaer. In the Cross Country ranking the quads show the lead, with fantastic speed and sportmanship. Andreas Brunhold and Bernd von Osten are chasing each other, but both play a completely different game. It is the newcomer with lots of energy who is racing with the experienced ‘ancien’, who has seen more Breslaus than […]
July 5, 2018

Breslau Poland – DAY6: Bye bye Drawsko!

A 134 km long ‘sweet goodbye’ special in the Drawsko Polygon, a beautiful route close to the outer edge of the area takes the competitors along the highlights of the Polygon: the forests, the sand, the plains and the speed. A 110km relaxing liason drives the competitors South East from the city of Szczecinek, where they can refuel and get regrouped for the second part of the day – the Czarne polygon. The forests around Czarne host the second special of the day. They have such a different feeling. As much as these forests can tell, now it is time […]
July 4, 2018

Breslau Poland – DAY5: Euro4x4Parts special day!

A mass start, a hunt across the plain towards the next note in the roadbook.. Chasing your fellow competitors, racing nose by nose, only to forget a marathon rallye is won with patience and lost with haste. Both in Extreme Class and in Cross Country today was a tough nut to crack, with washed out tracks, dust everywhere and for Extreme Class some of the toughest challenges of the week on the ‘Euro4x4Parts Special day’! Starting in front of a big winchwall, the Breslau Extreme class has the stage of the week with 120km rough and tough roadbook, extreme sections […]