July 4, 2019

LEG 4 – 04.07.2019 – start 15:00h / nightstage 23:00h

EG 4 – 04.07.2019 – start 15:00h / nightstage 23:00h The tension rises as the Rallye Breslau Poland moves from Gwda Wielka to Drawsko Pomorski. Two final days with three long stages will decide the fate of the competitors in one long ‘grand finale’. The Drawsko polygon is and has been the breeding ground for generations of off-road racers, offering a challenge to competitors at every level. Today two stages will be run, one in the afternoon and the Breslau special: a tough and long night stage… SS6 – Drawsko In a 103 km long blast across the Drawsko Poligon […]
July 3, 2019

LEG 3 – 03.07.2019 – start 09:00h

Dretyn and Bobolice are the two stages for the third day of the Rallye Breslau Poland, both north of the bivouac in Gwda Wielka and a change of scenery for the competitors. Going from the military areas to a region with dense forests and agriculture requires a different mindset from the teams as the landscape offers new challenges: a new day and a new chance to move up in the ranking! SS4 Dretyn After last years’ succes the road book team has written a new road book for this magical area, with its fast and curvy tracks running in a […]
June 30, 2019

25th Rallye Breslau Poland: 189 competitors, five days of racing

The 25th edition of the Rallye Breslau Poland is also the first edition of the new Rallye Breslau Poland, with five days of racing. The ‘Breslau’ is the oldest rally of Europe, the ‘workers rally’ accessible for everyone with a long history in both Cross Country and Extreme off-road sport. “Even though it is easy to enter, you should not underestimate the challenge. The tracks, the navigation, the teamwork and the spirit needed to lead this race are second to none,” says organiser Alexander Kovatchev. “With our new five day format we offer a compact and intense program, and allow […]
June 28, 2019

Either you have the biggest team or you´re coming with a fluffy teddy-rabbit!

For years, most of the participants of the Rallye Breslau Poland next to Germans, Dutch, Poles and Belgians are coming from France. And they don´t come alone. Since years one French team is always participating as a big group – a really big group with the biggest fleet inside all the Rallye camp. We are talking about big semi-trucks with big trailers, mobile workshops, motorhomes etc. and they always park together like corrals in good old western movies. But there is also the contrary, the single drivers and here we mean the French Rodolphe Wetzler. In the year 2017, with […]